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JCCMS Aims and Scope

The journal aims to be an interdisciplinary publication, which means that it accepts articles from researchers in various fields. These include science, engineering and technology.

This journal encompasses basic science and economic, social, and policy research, including studies on mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

The journal aims to promote the dissemination of scientific findings related to climate change and its effects on the environment. It also aims to provide an impetus for the development of policies and programs aimed at addressing climate change.


Examples of Appropriate Thrust Areas

  • Climate Change
  • Impact of climate on land use
  • Impact of climate on air quality
  • Impact of climate on short-term extreme events (e.g., heat and cold waves, excess rainfall, drought)
  • Impact of climate on forest and wildfire
  • Impact of climate on water resources
  • Impact of climate on ecosystem
  • Impact of climate on human health
  • Impact of climate on food production
  • Impact of climate on the economy
  • Impact of climate on society
  • Mitigation of climate change
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Atmospheric science
  • Climate policies and strategies
  • Sustainability and clean energy

Journal Metrics

Process Time Statistics
Average First Action 5 Days
Average First Reviewer Assignment 20 Days
Average Review Time 45 Days
Average Time to Accept 60 Days
Average Publishing Time 90 Days

Climatic Change is devoted to the full scope of climatic variability and change, including its descriptions, causes, consequences, and interactions.

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